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12.05.2016 SALE! LM 1500 0V with insulation only 749 inc. VAT and delivered.

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LM accumulator tank model

LM accumulator tank

The LM accumulator tank have the simplest output distribution. There is a possibility to immersion heating using a 6/4" thread or a 210 mm flange.

LMT accumulator tank model

LMT accumulator tank

The LMT type is the best choice for a domestic hot water heating. It uses a st.steel coil surface area of up to 5.1 m² for 11 people usage.

LMG accumulator tank model

LMG accumulator tank

LMG accumulator tank more suitable for a limited space, making use of 12 different threads in single row and shorter venting on the top.

LVT accumulator tank model

LVT accumulator tank

The LVT type have plenty of 6/4" threads for a different heating circuits and many connection possibilities for an immersion heating.