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reduced fuel consumption

LMG accumulator tank model

LMG accumulator tank

LMG accumulator tank more suitable for a limited space, making use of 12 different threads in single row and shorter venting on the top.

LMT accumulator tank model

LMT accumulator tank

The LMT type is the best choice for a domestic hot water heating. DWH is provided by SS coil surface area of up to 8.25 m² sq m.

LVT accumulator tank model

LVT accumulator tank

The LVT type have plenty of 6/4" threads for a different heating circuits and many connection possibilities for an immersion heating.

LSX accumulator tank model

LSX accumulator tank

This is a very low or narrow type of buffer tanks for extra small rooms. Up to 2 steel or SS coils & immersion heater enabled.