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Choosing accumulator tank

This is a short guide how to choose the right accumulator tank for your heating system.

1. Sizing

Accumulator tank size can be calculated from overall power rate of heating sources.

For 1 kW of heating source you will need about 50 litres of accumulator tank capacity.

For example, if you have 20 kW boiler, you will need 1000 litres tank.

In case of underfloor heating, the accumulator tank volume should be increassed to 80-100 litres for 1 kW of heating sources.

Required capacity of the accumulator tank is about 1600 - 2000 litres.

2. Coils

Coils are used for a different heating systems and let different heating sources work together. Stainless steel coil is used for a heating of hot water, so you can use accumulator tank for domestic hot water heating.

Accumulator tanks are marked as below:

  • 0V - accumulator tank without any coil, used for direct heating by boiler, stove or others.
  • 1V - accumulator tank with one steel coil used for indirect heating by previous source and additionally by solar, heat pump or other.
  • 2V - accumulator tank with two steel coil works as previous 1V, but with three sperate heating system sources.
  • 2V-st.steel - accumulator tank with one steel coil and one stainless steel coil for hot water heating.

We can make also accumulator tank with other coil quantities and steel/stainless steel combinations. Please contact us for more details.

3. Space requirements

Before purhasing an accumulator tank you should find out:

  • required space (height and width) for accumulator tank in given room
  • consider all doorways and curves, where accumulator tank will be moved through

Consider also insulation, which can be put on after accumulator tank is positioned.

4. Threads

Currently there are 6 types of accumulator tanks: LM, LMG, LVT, LMT and LSX.

According to a type all accumulator tanks comes with different threads, their positions and amount. All accumulator tanks can be equipped with one or two steel or stainless steel coils. The LMT one with up to 3 coils.

The main differences are:

LM type accumulator tank

Basic set of threads with one outflow and one inflow thread, two pieces of 1/2" for thermometer and one 6/4" for immerison heater.

LMG type accumulator tank

Variable thread in one row.

LVT type accumulator tank

Plenty of 6/4" threads in two rows, and 4 pieces of 1/2" for thermometers.

LMT type accumulator tank

With stainless steel for domestic hot water only. Many threads in two rows and 45 degree.

LSX type accumulator tank

With all possible thread sizes in two rows.